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Collecting consumer feedback and reviews is as crucial as any other part of your micro-business— so pay as much attention to it as you do to seeking business loans with no credit. Let’s face it; if main markets like Amazon and eBay are using product reviews and merchant feedback to their advantage, then you should try it.

Feedback helps online businesses understand customer buying habits today, and in the future while customer reviews are a vital tool in converting visitors into buyers.

In fact, in a survey by Dimensional Research for Zendesk, 90% percent of the candidates said positive reviews influenced their purchase habits. Another 86 percent said negative feedback influenced their purchasing decisions.

Why do consumers look at online reviews?

  • To see more about the product/service they are paying for
  • To reduce the risk of a bad purchase
  • To check the product/service advantages and disadvantages
  • To get proof from customers who have used the service/ product

How do you get consumer feedback?

  1. Send emails

Emails are an excellent way to gather reviews. Send friendly emails asking the buyer to comment on the product. Comprehensive reviews of the items on your website may also help with SEO and better your ranking.

Honest buyer feedback can also sway more buyers your way or point out to areas of your service or product that you need to improve. Be careful not to bother the customer too much with your request for feedback.

  1. Live Chat

Millennials want instant replies. Adding Live Chat to your company’s website, allows you to answer questions and get feedback from consumers in real time which buyers appreciate.

It is a shot worth taking; you can try out the many different options, e.g., LiveChat and Zendesk. If possible, leave a message directing customers on how to reach you past working hours.

  1. Conduct web-based surveys

Setting up an online survey is easy, just like analyzing its results. Tools like Survey Monkey can help you with this task.

Simply draft questions and forward the link leading to these to your list of buyers. Also, send the same link to your facebook and twitter followers and make it prominent for site visitors to fill in after a purchase.

Surveys give great insight about customers. But how you design questions matters—use simple language to get useful feedback. Be specific with the kind of info you expect to get. And lastly, be precise.

Final words

Always treat your buyers kindly and ensure they enjoy the best experience. Remember, they are the greatest marketing tool you have.

Author Bio:As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative funding solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him a business loans with no credit expert at First American Merchant.


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