Does humanity need to fix its own hatred to love the world more?

In recent years, much has been said about how much hatred the world has. One thing that is seen as a role in the rise of hate is social media, these platforms are often seen as a breeding ground for hate.

Therefore, part of the ongoing crackdown on hatred, videos and posts has been removed. However, this does not end, as some people have removed their profiles and use of these platforms has been banned.


Both worlds

What is going on in the online world, as well as what is happening in the real world? Mainstream media, for example, regularly talk about various “hate crimes”.

Various laws have been enacted to try to prevent people from falling prey to one of these crimes. Nevertheless, questions have been raised in relation to who defines what a “hate crime” is.


Make in Clear

Anyway, as long as all this is going on, the focus is on how important it is to be tolerant and treat people with respect. At the very least, if a person cannot be kind to another person, they can just let them live their life.

Ergo, although focused on the importance of loving more and doing the things associated with love, is also very focused on ending hate. As a result, it can be said that more and more is being done publicly, at least to create what one does not want to fight in public.


Conventional Wisdom

This approach, an approach that is not the most effective, can be seen as the logical thing to do. If something is not wanted, the obvious thing is to fight against it, and once it is defeated, to build something else.

The reason is that this approach is not the most effective view that what is opposed is the one that will both sustain and grow. So, although fighting hatred seems right and feels right, it really does feed into what one does not want.


for Love

Keeping this in mind, the way to create a more loving world would be for people to see more of what they want to see more and spend less time fighting for what they want to see less. Through doing this, they will not feed what he does not want; They will feed what they want.

However, it can be much easier for someone to be against hate than to be loved. When someone is against hate, they can act in a disgusting manner and then rationalize their behaviour.


A Cover-Up

Such a person can be full of hate, but as they will hate the ‘right’ people, the right people according to a certain part of society, they will be oblivious to what is really going on for them. For someone who is not running yet, it may be obvious that this person accepts that they say they are against.

Ultimately, they are ready for this fight as they will be an energetic match that is underway. But, as they are not fully conscious of their own hatred, they will be able to trick themselves into thinking that they are ‘better’ than those who are against them.



What this example illustrates is how good humans are at deceiving themselves. There are a lot of different defences available that are painful to prevent someone from coming into contact with one’s own organs.

A defence that is often used is known as ‘projection’, and it is where one will look into another that they themselves cannot accept. When it comes to hating others, then, this can happen when someone hates themselves.


Easy choice

Thanks to the strongholds they have, they will not be able to see that they hate themselves and are full of shame. This part of themselves will then be projected into others, making them hate their own reflection.

If they knew what was going on, it would not be possible for them to cheat themselves. This is why they are inadvertently going to do everything they can to prevent them from realizing the truth inside them.


Profound changes

Keeping this in mind, for the world to be a place of love, it would be necessary for those who love this world to be themselves. By loving themselves they will be able to love others.

Thus, one can try to change the world by fighting hate, but they will not be as effective as they would be, instead, they will deal with and love their own issues. The trouble is that the former will be far more attractive to their ego-mind because it will allow them to gain a fair amount of approval (ego love) and avoid themselves, while the latter is nowhere near as appealing. It would not involve too much approval and would require the ability to withstand deep pain – something that would only appeal to their true-self.


Final Thoughts

It has been said that we do not come through the world, the world comes through us, and this means that humans are not merely observers of reality; They are both co-producers and observers of their experience. If indeed this happens, one’s world will only be as loving to them as they are to themselves.

On the contrary, by having more love towards himself, the world will become more loving towards him. What it emphasizes is how important it is for people to heal their own inner wounds when it comes to creating a more loving planet.

Oliver JR Cooper, author, transformational writer, teacher and mentor, has come from England. His pragmatic commentary and analysis cover all aspects of human change, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, six hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope with his sound advice.

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