By definition, marketing is used to examine the availability of inquiries from existing and potential customers of the company, to inform them about the benefits of your offer and the linear promotion of the company’s products or services. Marketing is an important part of both the strategic business plan of a start-up company and the strategic and tactical plan of action of an already operating company. In other words: without marketing, there cannot be a successful business.

The Proper Marketing Options

Marketing helps to understand and study the needs of existing and potential customers of the company and increases the likelihood that they will become customers of your company, and based on the results of the study of requests to create prerequisites for their purchases. We bring to your attention a selection of our tips that you need to use to improve the marketing strategy and tactics of small business owners. These tips cannot replace a standard textbook and marketing plans and activities, which somehow have to create to the owners of small businesses, but rather complement them: If you read the right business magazine then you will know these options.

Promote your business with the help of “friendly channels”

Create a “friendly channel” to promote your proposals by combining them with the proposals of other small businesses. This technique can significantly increase coverage and reach many more customers than if you made your offer without this channel. Surely you have familiar businessmen or even buddies among them and these acquaintances can be used with even greater benefit. An example of such a “friendly channel” is the dissemination of information through the company’s website, which belongs to your acquaintance.

The Reference

You can also ask your friend to put a little information about your company or your offer in it in promotional brochures, brochures, perhaps even on business cards representing your business as a partner of the company. Naturally, you must respond in the same way and provide information about the company of a friend in your promotional materials. As a result, this will allow both companies to get in touch with a new pool of potential customers. Imagine what kind of free coverage you can get if you have many friends and acquaintances among entrepreneurs.

Include original stickers in your postal items

If your business uses such a channel as mail: in the form of envelopes or in the form of parcels, never forget to paste the brightest and colorful stickers in the most visible place of such items, informing all those who come in contact with them and read about your excellent proposal. Believe these stickers, especially if they are bright, they will immediately catch sight of all those who want to read the letter or open a parcel and this attention is remembered as brightly as the last thing that catches the eye of who is addressed to. Just do not forget: on these stickers there must be a minimum of information that can be read in 10 seconds, not more.

Anyone who starts or wants to grow their own business needs money. If you are not wealthy yourself, you can turn to investors. Think of banks, investors or the government. . The 8 best known way to get money we put here in a row.

  1. Private investors

Private investors invest (part of) their equity in a start-up company. These are often former entrepreneurs who are willing to contribute knowledge and expertise in addition to capital. Often they remain intensively involved even after the start of the company. If you want a hassle free loan then you should search for a good Singapore money lender to chase your dream.

  1. Bank

Often you can also go to a bank for an agreement of best interest rate mortgage loan in Singapore. If you want to be eligible, you have to prove that you have a good idea and business plan. Singapore bank offers several options that you can finance your business, such as an account overdraft, Incentive Capital and Guarantee Credit.

  1. Family and acquaintances

You can also call on parents, friends and other acquaintances for starting capital. In order to prevent later discussions, it is important that you record all agreements (for example, repayment terms, amounts and interest compensation) in an official document.

  1. Microfinance

Money lenders can offer a solution if you have a limited financing requirement and cannot go to traditional financial institutions. The financing form of money lenders consists of coaching before and after starting your business and a microcredit up to 50,000. You can also take out a loan between 50,000 and 250,000.

  1. Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists are venture capital companies that manage the capital of large investors and financiers. These Capitalists prefer to invest in established companies or companies with a well-founded plan. They do so to have as much security as possible. Do you want to be eligible? Then come up with a well-founded business plan!

  1. Funds

Funds have many similarities with private equity firms. The big difference is that funds have a special objective. For example, start-up funds focus on starting entrepreneurs and other funds are involved in innovation and sustainability. Depending on your company and branch, the support of a fund may give you just that last bit of capital.


  1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding literally means investment (funding) from the public (crowd). This form of financing is becoming increasingly popular. On online platforms, entrepreneurs and investors can contact each other. To increase your chances of an investment, it is important that you have a good crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Innovation fund for SMEs +

Are you working on an innovative project or project development? Then the Innovation Fund SME + can support you. There are various government financing schemes, such as the SEED Capital scheme and Innovation credit. You can only call on the SEED fund if you have been active in the field of innovative entrepreneurship for less than five years.